Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Trolley Seat

Done by: Bryan Sim Wang Hong
Class of 1-07 (2011)
Description: Tackling the problem of commuters not giving up their seats to the elderly on public transport, Bryan designed a trolley that can withstand the weight of a seated elderly, as well as his groceries. Made of sturdy plastic, the lid of the trolley, when closed, can double-up as a seat for the elderly to rest on. Ventilation gaps are designed in so that the trolley has sufficient ventilation and the groceries will not go bad easily. Bars are installed at the side of the trolley for umbrellas. All handles are lined with rubber for better grip.

Elderly On Wheels

Done by: Carissa Liew En Hui
Class of 1-07 (2011)
Description: The Elderly On Wheels, designed by Carissa, is an activity centre housed in a bus, to cater to the needs of the lonely elderly. It settles the worries of their loved ones, as the design of the activity center considers all safety aspects of its users. For the initial stages, the bus will be touring around the Kovan and Hougang neighborhoods. The bus houses a mini kitchen, Ipad, television, chess sets, and comfortable seats. The furniture in the bus, are curved at the edges, as the designer takes into account the safety of the target users, which are the elderly.

Stick On

Done by: Chin Wai Kit
Class of 1-07 (2011)
Description: The elderly challenge identified by Wai Kit, is the challenge the elderly faces in maintaining their balance on the MRT whilst juggling their groceries. Through a pocket-sized hand-held handle, and utilizing simple concepts like suction cups, Wai Kit attempts to provide a smoother MRT ride for the elderly. Consisting of handles that are foldable by the push of a release button, together with four suction cups at the base of the handle, this simple device ensures the users a firm balance as well as a hook to hold onto their groceries while riding the train.

An Improved MRT

Done by: Chirla Akhila
Class of 1-02 (2011)
Description: Through close observation of the present MRT interiors, Akhila noted some areas of improvement in which the SMRT could consider. The current MRT seats are non-colour-friendly, hard and uncomfortable for the elderly. To counteract this problem, Akhila intends to introduce comfortable, cushioned, black seats to improve the comfort factor, and differentiate the seats of the elderly, from the seats of the general public. A clasp with an added locking system will be used to prevent wheelchairs from rolling forwards, should the MRT trains jerk to a halt. The height of the handle bars will be decreased to 1.6m so that it’ll be within reach of the elderly. The air condition will be maintained at a reasonable temperature of 25 degrees to suit the comfort level of the target users. There will be a television for entertainment, and an emergency button near the seats, for the elderly to press in times of emergencies. The staff in the next station will be alerted and will attend to the emergency.

Elderly Friendly Toilet

Done by: Choy Rui Zhi
Class of 1-05 (2011)
Description: Observing that most accidents occurs at home, and more specifically in the toilet, Rui Zhi designed an improved toilet to suit the needs of the elderly. The toilet has features such as an automatic sliding door, anti-slip flooring, and handles, to maximize safety. The bathing area has a control panel that effectively controls the temperature of the water. 

The Road Travelator

Done by: Desiree Lee Ru Yi
Class of 1-09 (2011)
Description: The Road Travelator aims to provide the elderly with a sense of security whilst crossing the road. Through her research, Desiree recognizes the fear in the elderly when crossing a road. A red barrier will be lowered whenever the lights are in favor of the pedestrians, which will give the elderly the added safety and security when crossing the road. The barrier will be installed in the direction of oncoming cars. The barrier is curved at the surface such that the elderly can have a better grip on it whilst crossing the road.

Push It Phone

Done by: Dominic Wong De Ming
Class of 1-08 (2011)
Description: With the elderly being easy targets of robbers, Dominic designed a system to aid the elderly in times of distress. When faced with a robber, the elderly can simply press the emergency button located at the side of a special phone, designed for them to carry around. This will in turn send a signal to a mini-camera that can be 'Velcro-ed' onto the elderly’s hat, capturing the robber’s facial features. The picture will be sent to the elderly’s emergency contacts, thereby notifying their loved ones and the police of their plight.