Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Improved MRT

Done by: Chirla Akhila
Class of 1-02 (2011)
Description: Through close observation of the present MRT interiors, Akhila noted some areas of improvement in which the SMRT could consider. The current MRT seats are non-colour-friendly, hard and uncomfortable for the elderly. To counteract this problem, Akhila intends to introduce comfortable, cushioned, black seats to improve the comfort factor, and differentiate the seats of the elderly, from the seats of the general public. A clasp with an added locking system will be used to prevent wheelchairs from rolling forwards, should the MRT trains jerk to a halt. The height of the handle bars will be decreased to 1.6m so that it’ll be within reach of the elderly. The air condition will be maintained at a reasonable temperature of 25 degrees to suit the comfort level of the target users. There will be a television for entertainment, and an emergency button near the seats, for the elderly to press in times of emergencies. The staff in the next station will be alerted and will attend to the emergency.

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