Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Canebrella 2011

Done by: Tay Zhi An
Class of 1-08 (2011)
Description: The Canebrella 2011 is an all improved walking stick that doubles up as an umbrella. Designed by Zhi An, the Canebrella is small in size, light weight, portable, ergonomically elderly-friendly, and easy to use. It has four suction cups at the base to provide stability when using the product. There is a universal joint at the bottom of the stick that can be bent (limited to 30 degrees) in all directions to aid the elderly in  climbing stairs. The universal joint can be securely locked to one’s desired angle. During rainy days, one can use the umbrella extension, that can be easily pulled out from the base. The handles are lined with rubber grips, and an alarm for users to press in times of distress.

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