Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Elderly MRT

Done by: Gan Wei Qin
Class of 1-07 (2011)
Description: To ease the boarding of the MRT, Wei Qin designed a separate platform for the elderly to wait on, till the next train arrives. Catered to only the elderly, the gantry to the platform only permits the elderly to board. Upon scanning the ez-link card of a senior citizen, the gantry will open its gates to let the elderly pass. Seats with armrests are available, as well as a sloped link to narrow the platform gap. Non-slip flooring is used for the platform. Upon arrival, the doors to the train will open together with the doors of the platform. Once the door “senses” and tallies the number of people who’ve boarded the platform and into the train, the doors to the train and platform will close and the train will move off.

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