Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Newspaper Holder

Done by: Foo Kai Qi, Gladys
Class of 1-01 (2011)
Description: Possessing an eye for detail, Gladys observed that even a daily activity such as reading the newspapers can pose a problem to the elderly. Their poor eyesight, and frail bones and muscles, would make a simple task like holding up the newspapers at a desired reading angle that much more tiring and difficult. The Newspaper Holder, designed by Gladys, aims to eliminate all these problems, making the daily reading of the newspaper, a pleasant one. A board (70 x 40 x 0.3cm) is used to place the newspaper. A clip bar is present in the middle of the board to hold the newspaper down. It can be locked and unlocked by a push of a button. A slide-able magnifying plastic is introduced, to magnify the small characters on the newsprint. To improve visibility, a lamp is fixed onto the top right corner of the board. The board is supported by three sturdy tubes and can be adjusted to a desired angle.

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