Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toilet Paper Holder

Done by: Nah Jie Yi
Class of 1-06 (2011)
Description: The Toilet Paper Holder is a device created by Jie Yi to improve the elderly's movements around the toilet. Taking into consideration that materials must be of good quality yet affordable, Jie Yi modified a toilet paper holder by making it extendable. This minimizes the stretching work that the elderly has to do to reach for the toilet paper. The Toilet Paper Holder consists of rubber-lined triangle handles, an extendable rod, and a circular firm supported base. It will be fixed onto the toilet cubicle wall, within the elderly’s reach. The elderly will simply grab onto the handle and pull the device closer to him/her in order to reach for the toilet paper. The length of the extendable rod can be adjusted to suit the user's preference.

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